Beyond Good and Evil 2: Debut CGI Trailer from E3
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by Carlos Acevedo
53 min ago

I like the render quality, look very realistic and well integrated with the plate Physics are quite fucked up in that sim, the shuttle goes trough the building as if it was air, the shuttle should get totally designated by the impact Also the full simulation seems to go in slow motion while the cars and people moves on real time The ground destruction looks cool too, and the concept is interesting

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Beyond Good and Evil 2: Debut CGI Trailer from E3
12 June, 2017

Bethesda left us hanging, but Ubisoft delivered this year at E3 2017. The company invited Michel Ancel (creative director) and Gabrielle Shrager (narrative director) to the stage to show the amazing new trailer for Beyond Good and Evil 2. We haven’t seen even a tiny bit of gameplay, but the CGI looks absolutely stunning.

Once again the game features anthropomorphic animals, incredible crazy world-building, and some beautiful characters. The story takes in System 3 before the events of the original game. So, no Jade. It’s a prequel. We’ll travel to a distant solar system, meet a huge cast of very different characters. It’s a time when corporations created hybrids in their labs and enslaved them to colonize the stars.

You join a crew of crazy characters and fight the corporations in the hope to make hybrids free. There will be massive starships, dangerous and interesting worlds. Ancel says, that the team has spent almost 3 years working on the technology behind the game. Today they finally have a seamless online playground, where you can travel across space at the speed of light. The levels are also very vertical, and the users will be able to use jetpacks a lot to travel great distances. You’ll be able to explore different plants, travel between the stars and walk around space cities. What more do you need?

You can register on the official website to have a chance to get an access to the working versions of the game.

For the hardcore fans, here’s the video breakdown of the official cinematic trailer.


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