Birchpunk Strikes Again: a CGI News Report About Russian Robots is Out

The studio released a video called RUSSIA TOMORROW NEWS with a hilarious CGI report on robot manufacturing in Izhevsk and the latest cutting-edge technologies in Ussuriysk.

Ah, the painfully ridiculous contrast of Russian sceneries against VFX-made robots, machines, and high-tech devices. The news report starts at Izhevsk Dynamics, a plant where advanced Russian robots are made. The reporter says "Many people think it's not even real and the robots are CGI but we're here today to check if what they say about Izhevsk technologies is true". And you freeze in confusion for a second because the robots and the whole tech-plant setting look a little too real... until one of the employees says "look, this is a soul chip". 

Then the reporter goes on to talk about protests in Ensk where people want to destroy the 20G network towers and Ussuriysk where the head of the region is against 'roboticization' of the workforce. "A good 50% of people in Ussuriysk are jobless, why the hell would we want those machines taking our place?" he says.

At the end of the report, you can see the head of the Izhevsk Dynamics plant performing the traditional Russian dance with the robots. "How do you like that, Boston Dynamics?" he exclaims and gracefully twirls away to the sound of traditional Russian music. 

You can also read about birchpunk's Russian Cyberpunk Farm video and their Sci-Fi Short on the Future of Russian Trains.

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