Blender 2.91 Released

Learn what's new in the latest update to Blender.

The Blender Foundation released Blender 2.91, the next big update to its 3D toolkit. The new version upgrades the software’s physics-enabled cloth sculpting toolset and brings new ways to edit volume objects. It also introduces improvements to bevels and Booleans, improves the UI, animation, and simulation tools.

As for the Blender’s physics-enabled Cloth toolkit, the Cloth brush and Cloth filter now support collisions with scene geometry, and cloth now drapes correctly over other objects. What is more, gravity can be applied globally to a cloth mesh.

The update brings new Cloth Grab and Cloth Snake Hook brushes for larger cloth-like deformations. There's also a new Deformation Target property to generate cloth-like effects.

The update introduces Box Trim and Lasso Trim letting you add or remove geometry from a model using box selection or lasso gestures.

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