Bring Character to life in VR with Limitless
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by Constantine Medvedev
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Great work and breakdown! Thanks for sharing :)

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Bring Character to life in VR with Limitless
3 March, 2016

Limitless is the new VR Creative Environment, which is said to speed up development of high quality character-driven VR content. The company is hoping to allow developers focus on building emotional connections with their audience rather than spending time on building characters.


Characters that look and move great are just the beginning. VR only hits its full potential when it is interactive. The Limitless VR Creative Environment solves the complex problem of building and integrating characters into VR content, and reflect real-life by responding to voice recognition, gestures, gaze, distance, and other rich VR input. Characters ask you questions, and you can respond, pulling you into their story just as they are a part of yours.

The Limitless team has deep experience at both Pixar and Bungie, bringing the best of film and video games to VR characters. Our team has worked on films fromFinding Nemo through to The Good Dinosaur; video games such as Halo 3, Halo: Reach, and Destiny; filed patents; presented in major graphics conferences; and won major character awards. We believe creating emotional connections with characters will bring VR to everyone.


The Limitless VR Creative Environment is now available to limited select partners for early alpha testing. If you’d like to take part in testing Limitless you can email them. We are looking forward to hearing more from this company in the near future.

Source: Limitless

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