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CDPR's 2007 The Witcher Reimagined With Modern Graphics

Arvydas Brazdeikis imagined how the upcoming UE5-powered The Witcher remake, a.k.a. Canis Majoris, might look.

Back in 2022, CD Projekt officially announced that the remake of the original 2007 The Witcher is in the works at Fool's Theory, a Polish studio comprised of developers who earlier worked on the Witcher series. Codenamed Canis Majoris, the remake is currently in the early stages of development and is being built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5.

Senior UI/UX Designer Arvydas "Arvy" Brazdeikis, who earlier worked on such titles as Warhammer AoS: Realms of Ruin and Jurassic World Evolution 2, has recently shared a collection of screenshots, imagining the user interface, visual style, and overall feel of the upcoming remake. According to the creator, the goal of the project, which was started last year, was to "adapt the UI/UX of the original game to cross-platform controls" and "mix the styles from across the Witcher franchise and Gwent".

"It was important for me to try to maintain some of the visual motifs of Witcher 1 (a greenish color palette, circular decorative elements, theme of mutation). At the same time I wanted to adapt the layouts to the likes of Witcher 3 and Breath of the Wild," comments the creator. "It was fun to gather visual references from all across The Witcher franchise and more, mixing and matching different aspects of UI art direction, both adopted or discarded throughout the years."

And here are the screenshots shared by Arvy, you can check out more of the artist's works by clicking this link:

Last month, UI Technical Designer at DICE Gavin Marshall, a.k.a. GavMakesGames, also shared a collection of UI/UX concepts, imagining the title screen, menus, user interface, locations, character armor, and more for a non-existent The Mandalorian game:

And if you would like to learn more about UI/UX behind AAA games, we also recommend checking out our recent interview with Senior Staff Technical Designer at Sony Santa Monica Zach Bohn, who told us about UI design in God of War Ragnarök, explained how the game's HUD, fonts, and accessibility features were set up, and shared some advice on becoming a UI Designer.

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