Check Out a Cool Setup for Earthquake Simulations Based on UE5 & Gyroscopes

Ayoub Attache has once again blurred the line between the digital realm and real life.

Real-Time Artist and Unreal Engine specialist Ayoub Attache, known to many for his jaw-dropping experiments with Epic Games' game creation tool, has once again blurred the line between the digital realm and real life with a brand-new project.

This time, he has developed an incredible setup for simulating earthquakes in Unreal Engine 5 by simply shaking a smartphone attached to a cutting board surrounded by RC car shock absorbers, which mimic the ground's movement. The shaking data, including acceleration and gyroscope readings, is then sent via a UDP server straight to Unreal Engine, where it simulates an earthquake affecting a construction site.

Earlier, Ayoub also demonstrated a neat setup that allowed the artist to interact with a music player UI using hand motions:

Managed to control the movements of a digital F-15 Fighter Jet with nothing but a phone:

Showed an Unreal Engine 5-based pickup truck configurator that lets its creator set up highly-realistic and physically-accurate vehicles in the engine:

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