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Creating a Stylized Environment with Unity

Check out these collections of stylized assets created by SICS Games.

The collection included 200 prefabs ranging from small plants and pebbles to large oak and pine trees, and 8 demo scenes incorporating all assets from the package and multiple lighting presets (post-processing profiles included). Among the assets you'll find:
  • Vegetation Assets: 36 trees, such as aspens, pines, and oaks, 18 fallen and broken trees, 38 bushes and flowers, and 18 types of mushrooms
  • Rocks: 20 rocks, ranging from small pebbles to large boulders
  • Exterior Props: 25 props, including a wooden pavilion & swing set, campfire, and bridge kit
  • Background Assets & Decals: 18 background trees, debris, and fallen leaves, 3 hand-painted skyboxes (day, night, and sunset)
  • Particle Systems: 8 particle systems with sun shafts, fireflies, and falling leaves.

This collection is currently on sale, you can get it with a 40% discount. 

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This collection includes 290 prefabs for creating camp-inspired stylized scenes. The set has buildings (a diner, a ranger station, an outhouse, tents), boats (canoes and catamarans), roads (a modular bridge kit, spotlights, and street signs), and cars (camper trailers and trucks). Also, the pack has background meshes with clouds, hills, mountains, rocks of different sizes, and vegetation with trees, plants, and flowers. 
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