Destiny 2 Developer Bungie Explained Its Stance on Harassment and Cheating

The company taking legal action is not only the right thing to do but also good for business.

Destiny creator Bungie has been very serious in its decision to fight cheating and harassment. Since last year, it has filed several lawsuits, first against the makers and sellers of programs that let players cheat in Destiny, then a player who allegedly impersonated the company, and later – a streamer who used cheats and harassed Bungie's employees.

The company's general counsel Don McGowan said that fighting cheating and harassment is not just right, it is good for business, even if it makes Bungie cut down communication with players.

"We have seen historically that bad actors will often be tolerated because the people with the skills and power to remove them do not focus their efforts there," McGowan told Axios. "To put it simply, we disagree. In our view, removing harassment and abuse from our community is not only the right thing to do, it is also good business."

Bungie targeting cheaters – a strategy that started forming in 2020 – is "a strategic push."

"This is an issue that impacts many studios across the industry, and it is critical to deal with it to maintain a healthy and happy community that wants to play your game," McGowan said. "Tolerating bad actors chases away a lot of people who would like to enjoy our products."

Seems like Bungie isn't planning to stop combating bad behavior. Let's hope Destiny 2 and other games will become healthier places in the future. Meanwhile, check out the full Axios article here.

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