Detailed 3D Recreations of Nintendo's Game Boy by Sabrina Garcia

The author utilized Blender and Substance 3D Painter to create the props.

Have a look at these highly-detailed 3D recreations of Nintendo's original Game Boy and Game Boy Color created by Sabrina Garcia, a 3D Artist whose fantastic CRT display animation, made with Blender and its Geometry Nodes toolset, was featured a few weeks ago here on 80 Level.

Currently consisting of three different devices, two versions of the original and one Color, Sabrina's collection of digital Game Boys was made using Blender and Substance 3D Painter. According to the author, the first console's realistic plastic material was achieved with "Blender's transmission slider cranked all the way up and the diffuse texture overexposed a bit to give it that brighter translucent plastic look".

And here are some more of the artist's most recent projects:

We highly recommend visiting the artist's Twitter, Instagram, and ArtStation pages to check out more of Sabrina's amazing Blender-made works.

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