Developing RPG with Unity Assets

Check out 5 Unity assets with tools that will help you develop your own RPG project easier and faster. 

1. Quest Machine

Check an easy-to-use quest system from Pixel Crushers. Quest machine allows you to add hand-written and procedurally generated quests into your game.

Technical features:

  • The powerful, flexible UI system
  • Versatile quest control components
  • Advanced text handling
  • Broad platform support
  • Great programmer support

2. Inventory Engine

Get an inventory solution for your Unity project. Create inventories, items, and add them to your game real quick.


  • Inventory Management
  • Inventory Display
  • Items creation
  • Item actions: pick, drop, equip, unequip, use, move, swap
  • PixelRogue demo scenes
  • Minimal demo scenes
  • Stackable items
  • Equipment inventories
  • Intra and extra inventory navigation
  • Save and load inventories
  • Automatic inventory display setup
  • Hotbars
  • Selection Marker
  • Inventory Sounds
  • Corgi Engine integration

3. 2D RPG Kit

Grab a kit that includes everything you need for the 2D RPG development. A wide range of assets, tools that will help you create a game without coding. The kit is structured in a user-friendly way so the kit will be easy to use for advanced developers and for beginners, as well.

4. RPG Farming Kit

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Check out a template for Unity to create farming RPG from Lowscope.

The pack helps you speed up your workflow by giving you a base to work with:

  • Character customization
  • Save System
  • Time System
  • Inventory
  • Item Actions
  • Grid Selection
  • Combat system (Limited to rocks, trees, etc)
  • Scene warping system (Async)
  • Day/Night functionality

Please, note that this kit requires coding experience and make sure to install TextMeshPro and Cinemachine packages.

5. MMO RPG Camera & Controller

Check out the camera and controller from John Stair. The pack is heavily inspired by famous RPG games.

Some features:

  • efficient code
  • great maintainability
  • simplicity in using

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