Discussion: Travis Davids Sharing Thoughts on Cryptoart

Join Travis to discuss CryptoArt, how it works and impacts digital art.

A digital artist Travis Davids, known for his packs and informative tutorials on YouTube, recently released a video with the discussion of crypto art and how he sees it as a digital artist. 

It’s worth mentioning that the video is a perfect guide into the world of NFTs and crypto art, includes sources where to find relevant information on it as well as covers some production details. 

In the video, Travis reveals his expectations from the new type of art, an overview of Makersplace, a platform where you can share and sell crypto art. He shared his thoughts on money and art, and which of these two things should be in focus more and gave a handful of tips on how not to be hard on yourself when creating crypto art, and mentioned the importance of mental health. 

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  • Anonymous user

    Cryptoart seems entirely spurious ; if you want to validate ownership of art as an author, you can put it on artstation as that is account bound.  If you want to sell art and track the provenance of works, you could do it without blockchain and therefore without computation cost. The value of promoting portfolios via artstation for artists looking for work is proven, so it would be a small step to promote sales within a marketplace of the same style. There is already a tools marketplace on artstation, and many artists sell works in print or within a Patreon format. If you want to buy art, why not skip the NFT step and get involved with actual artists? If you like art, it is probably more rewarding for everyone to support artists on a forward looking basis than to grovel over exclusive ownership of an image.


    Anonymous user

    ·4 months ago·

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