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Eerie Abandoned Hospital Made with Unreal Engine 5.3

Another great demo from Pasquale Scionti.

Experience a true horror atmosphere with this new demo from talented Principal Lighting and Lookdev Artist Pasquale Scionti. The video shows the creepiness of an abandoned hospital disconcertingly well and demonstrates the power of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 5.3 at the same time.

Using assets Meshingun Studio, Scionti created an eerie environment full of medical equipment and dead bodies peacefully lying where they were left when, presumably, something terrible happened, and the soundtrack completes this story admirably. 

Scionti is a master of detailed environment art, as you can see from our interview with him and his ArtStation. There are a lot of amazing pieces in his portfolio, including an abandoned mansion, a Death Stranding-inspired scene, a cool apartment, an even cooler winter environment, a planet inspired by Starfield, a Silent Hill-like game prototype, and many more.

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