Expanding Immersion with Volumetric Videos

Dive into the production process of the new immersive technology. 

Mod Tech Labs shared an introductory article, explaining the technology of the creation of the volumetric video. 

Volumetric video is a variation of the capture technique that digitizes the space, object in real-time to further use it in 3D projects. The key point of the volumetric video is the user’s ability to interact with it from any angle. Compared to a 360-degree video, a volumetric video stands out with the depth and the volume. 

The capture process includes a round set of cameras and 3D mesh creation from the cameras’ outputs. 

Volumetric video is captured by uniformly rigging cameras around the subject and recording the target from all angles. Each camera’s output is then synced and processed to produce a 3D mesh. Then the 3D mesh can be added to different environments, game engines, and virtual worlds. 

Via Mod Tech Labs

The technology is broadly used in sports and entertainment industries, including video games. Giant companies began integrating it into the internal processes so far.

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