Fan Created a Diorama of Elden Ring's Flying Dragon Agheel

The scene is made of different materials, including foam, plaster, and resin.

Reddit user TheChondroCompany shared photos of the awesome diorama depicting Elden Ring's Flying Dragon Agheel that they created out of foam, plaster, and resin. The detailed scene shows the player fighting the dragon on the lake.

The artist said the base of the diorama is about 2 feet long. The fire is painted cotton wrapped around an LED, while the models of Agheel and Torrent were 3D printed. The prisoner was custom made and the staff was made out of a twig and a blue LED light. The plants and trees materials were bought from diorama specialty stores or found locally.

This is TheChondroCompany's second diorama, now they're looking for ideas of what to create next. You can share your thoughts here and check out the previous work from the artist:

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