Fantastic Interiors Created with Midjourney

The AI-powered designs were made by Tony Zagoraios.

AI-powered software Midjourney is getting more and more popular every day, the art generated with it ranges from creepy and abstract to amazing and realistic. Here are some interiors from the latter category. Created by Tony Zagoraios, the lavish and somewhat futuristic designs make you want to try the program yourself. 

It looks like soon neural networks might go hand-in-hand with architects, designers, and other professionals.

Zagoraios has tested abstract art as well, and this is what he got:

Midjourney's neural network takes a text description as an input and creates art. 

Of course, we can't avoid mentioning Midjourney's ability to generate unsettling images, so here it is, enjoy:

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  • Anonymous user

    what orders you give to got such amazing results


    Anonymous user

    ·11 months ago·

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