Post-Apocalyptic Survival Game Made by Solo Developer in Unreal Engine 5

A Silent Desolation shows you Earth abandoned centuries ago. 

Humanity left Earth behind centuries ago, so what's left is a lonely planet, you, and your spaceship, ruined by a crash. This is A Silent Desolation, an ambitious survival game created by solo developer Dylan Ditko (SHK Interactive) in Unreal Engine 5, where you see glimpses of a once-powerful civilization while trying to repair an ancient space shuttle launch base.

Image credit: SHK Interactive

"In a distant future where humanity has long vacated the solar system, leaving behind silent worlds and inscrutable mysteries, begins a tale of unexpected survival. You are a lone interstellar traveler, whose ship crash-lands on Earth, now a desolate and unrecognizable planet, haunted by the remnants of a vanished civilization."

Image credit: SHK Interactive

You look for materials, rebuild your base, and rediscover lost technologies, all while keeping an eye on your oxygen and energy. Thankfully, future tech allows for convenient escapes: if you see a chasm on your way, just make a bridge out of spare materials.

Image credit: SHK Interactive

"The game's landscape is fraught with radiation zones and shifting anomalies, adding layers of unseen peril. Radiation areas, marked by their hazardous environment, demand careful navigation and protective measures to avoid lethal exposure. These zones challenge your resource management skills, as you balance the need for exploration with the inherent risks."

But it's not just about survival: you'll get to uncover the mystery of humanity's departure, its reasons and secrets. When traversing the land, you'll see whispers of Earth's previous inhabitants.

Image credit: SHK Interactive

This is not the developer's first project. Ditko has also created DESORDRE, a first-person puzzle game inspired by Valve's Portal series. You can find more about it here.

Image credit: SHK Interactive

A Silent Desolation is still in development and needs some work (that glass shattering is not it). You can check the progress in the gameplay video above.

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