Fluid and Volumetric Simulation with Eddie for NUKE
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very nice!

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Very impressive work dude!

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Fluid and Volumetric Simulation with Eddie for NUKE
2 August, 2017

Check out Eddie – a combination of fluid solver, volumetric compositing tool and unbiased physically based volume renderer. It does some very pretty things.

One of the biggest surprise announcements at SIGGRAPH 2017 was the introduction of the new VFX product Eddy. It’s a plugin for NUKE, which helps with fluid and smoke simulation for film and video. Words don’t really do it justice, so just, give a couple of minutes to this video we’ve got on SIGGRAPH.

One of the biggest advantages of this tech is the speed. It’s lighting fast, doing some incredible effects, which you can use anywhere you want (except for real-time implementation in games). Eddy is a combination of fluid solver, volumetric compositing tool, and unbiased physically based volume renderer. It relies entirely on the GPU, has an “extensive C and Python API”, and an “optimised scripting language”. We have no prices yet, but it’s safe to say this is not the technology for individual users. However, if you are running a video production and want to spice your image a little bit, I don’t see any reason for not calling VortechsFX right now and check if it’s available. Some lucky companies already had the chance to check out this VFX wonder from New Zeland. 

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You can find some more stuff at the VortechsFX’s Vimeo channel. In the meantime, we’re working on an interview with the team and hopefully will show you more of this tech’s potential soon.

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