Free Tutorial on how to use Defold
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by Alexey Garmash
2 hours ago

It's not a talent, it's a dedication and self-motivation alongside with self-discipline.

by seth
3 hours ago

Spain is spelt 'Spane' on the main page description of this article. Interesting read.

Can you please repost the download links? Thank you.

Free Tutorial on how to use Defold
7 July, 2016
News launched an awesome series of tutorials, which teaches you how to work with Defold game engine.

Defold is a new game engine from King. Yes, the same company, which costs like billions of dollars now and belongs to Activision. So far the technology is very stripped down and basic, however you can make games with it, creating something amazing. And the new tutorial will definitely help you to get the hang of this tool.

Defold is not very friendly for the artistic crowd, so you will need to learn how to do some programming. A lot of programming. The good thing is that the engine uses Lua language, which is not super difficult to learn (at least the basics). There’s the text version of the tutorial as well.

King is working with the developers, who are learning and working with Defold. There might be some nice opportunities for featuring and promotion, which is a big deal if you are into mobile game development.


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