FX Packs for Unity: Magic Spells

We found a few packs with fantastic effects for casting spells, magic arrows, shields, elemental blasts, buffs, and other cool stuff in Unity.

Wizard Spells Pack from Hovl Studio

Wizard Spells Pack mainly includes complex FX+SFX for elemental spells with AoE and projectiles and comes with unique UI icons for RPGs. Multiple platforms are supported, however, the effects may be too heavy for mobile.

Other details:

  • 31 prefabs (14 spells with main and casting effects + second variation for spikes and shield)
  • Effects can be re-sized, re-timed, and re-colored
  • 14 icons and1 UI sprite-animation for icons
  • 15 SFX
  • PBR Fantasy Staff as a bonus
  • Supports URP and HDRP
  • Works in Unity 2019.2.6+

Spells Pack from Zakhan

Spells Pack is a huge collection of FX for elemental and arcane magic including spells, auras, shields, buffs, tomes, casting effects, projectiles, and explosions – 164 effects and 465 prefabs in total.

Other details:

  • Types of magic: Ice, Fire, Arcane, Storm, Light, Dark, Nature
  • 76 Spells
  • Auras, Shields, Buffs, and Tomes – 7 each
  • Casting Effects, Projectiles, and Explosions – 20 each
  • 301 color variations
  • Supports Standard Render Pipeline, URP (2019.3.15f1+), HDRP (2019.3.15f1+), and LWRP Materials and Prefabs (2019.2.18f1+)
  • Note: works better with linear color space

Archer Effects Pack from kripto289

Archer Effects Pack is a collection of 12 spectacular arrow FX for archers including elemental magic, dark magic, and summon spells. The effects are game-ready and work for all platforms.

Other details:

  • Changeable colors
  • HDR Bloom particles/effects
  • Works with 2D and 3D
  • Frame-blended animation
  • The pack comes with the demo scene
  • URP and HDRP support (Unity  2019.2+)
  • Supports post-processing v2 and v3 (Volume URP/HDRP) - Heat distortion particles

Magic Circles and Shields Vol. 4 from Hovl Studio

As you might have guessed from the name, this pack includes various magic circle and shield FX. There are 15 complex hand-crafted effects in total, ready for use in games out of the box.

Other details:

  • Effects can be re-sized, re-timed, and re-colored
  • Supports URP and HDRP
  • Magic Circles and Shields is a series of packs from Hovl Studio; to see more cool effects, check other volumes (links below).

The developer also recommends using Post-Process to achieve better visuals:

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