Game Access ‘17 Conference is Near
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1, Jul — 1, Aug
San Diego US   19, Jul — 23, Jul
Torino IT   25, Jul — 29, Jul
Shanghai CN   3, Aug — 7, Aug
Vancouver CA   12, Aug — 17, Aug
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by Christopher henrick
2 hours ago

thank u so much 80lv ! hope this img file works just copy in url bar I guess

Shader looks great, tho the normal on the top seems almost invisible. I really like this tho, I think I can use something similar for a jade statue. But I do think on top of this having a few pieces of geo inside your ice to create the look of cracks that light up at the right viewing angle would be a great touch. 1 last thing and this is more nit picky then anything id say the layer of cracks that seems to be a copy of the top layer beneath maybe just for that layer use your fernsel inverted as a opacity to make them disappear towards the edge of your geo. as for the geo cracks im talking like this, however this is a crystal rock mind you I think youll get my point

Game Access ‘17 Conference is Near
13 April, 2017
GameDev Area is preparing the next annual Game Developers’ Conference that will take place in a modern music hall Sono Centrum in Brno, Czech Republic. The event will open with workshops on 4th May 2017 and with stylish themed premium party later that day.

The next two days will be dedicated to the Conference itself, they will be full of interesting speeches of seasoned professionals, networking opportunities and another two unforgettable parties. During both days, you will also be welcomed to explore an Indie Expo, so better be prepared for a busy schedule.

And you will need to plan your schedule carefully as you don’t want to miss speeches of such a big names like Chris Avellone (Fallout 2, Fallout: New Vegas, KOTORII, System Shock, Prey), Karoliina Korppoo (Cities in Motion, Cities Skylines), Konrad Czernik (Dead Island, Call of Juarez), Meagan Marie (Tomb Raider, Avengers), Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz (The Witcher series), William Harms (Mafia III) Nicholas Lovell (F2P Expert) Yael Kazaz (Google AdMob) and many more!

The whole event will conclude in a grand style with Game Access Awards ceremony for the best games from the Indie Expo.

Indie Developers can benefit from a free space for their presentation and a free Standard Pass, showcase their game and compete for Awards. They only need to purchase one ticket of any kind to be eligible for this offer.

Game Access ‘17 is organized by GameDev Area, an independent initiative to support growth of gaming industry. The event is possible thanks to all the supporters, especially the Diamond partners 2K Czech and Madfinger Games. The people behind the Conference are game developers themselves and they are always trying to find ways how to contribute their part to the common goal of making games integral part of culture.

You can find out more about the Conference from the website.

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