Golaem 7.0 Available

Golaem has presented Golaem 7.0, the new version of their crowd animation system for Maya. 

The latest update is said to reposition Golaem Layout, which is now a standalone crowd layout tool, adding a new Unreal Engine integration plugin.

Layout how has the ability to convert existing Maya character animations directly into “population vignette” which you can layer to create crowd scenes.

The tool’s new GroundAdapt layer automatically snaps crowd actors’ feet to terrain, and a full IK rig lets reanimate characters directly. Layering is said to be done via a new node-based editor (non-destructive).

You can now preview simulations inside the Unreal Engine without having to bake geometry caches manually. You can also edit a simulation in Maya, then refresh the scene inside Unreal Engine to check out the changes.

The plugin supports Golaem’s Layout toolset, so you can edit crowd layouts directly inside UE4, then reload the changes in Maya.

Get more details on the latest version here.

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