Google’s AI Turns Doodles Into Perfect Icons
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It says "404 not found"

Wow, amazing job, really inspiring !

Where do i send gold, i want the game!

Google's AI Turns Doodles Into Perfect Icons
2 January, 2019

Google has recently presented its latest AI web-based experiment called AutoDraw which can turn rough drawings into amazing icons/clipart and you can download the final result for free. You can run the app on your phone or tablet to get a polished symbol or icon instead of your doodle.

The tool is said to be based on the tech in Quick, Draw! — an online game by Google which evolves around a neural network that guesses what a user has drawn. The core here is the AI learning each drawing to become better in the future.

The tool, like any other drawing app, allows to fill and resize objects, add text, construct shapes, and more.

You can get the details here.



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2 Comments on "Google’s AI Turns Doodles Into Perfect Icons"


@Johannes, yes. But i imagine it can help non artists put together images and as it both learns and gathers a larger library of original images, it could have a very varied artistic future. Either way this is just the start of what’s coming with ai.


it recognises the shape and suggests an icon. But its NOT individual to what you have drawn. Its an inferior Icon Library imho

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