Highly-Realistic Castle Scene Made With RealityCapture & UE5

3Dystopia turned one more real-life environment into a photorealistic 3D scene.

3Dystopia, a Digital Artist who, back in December, managed to turn a real French street into a stunning digital environment, continues the "From real to Unreal" series with yet another outstanding piece. This time, the creator unveiled a photorealistic recreation of a 15th-century French castle made using RealityCapture, Blender, Megascans assets, and Unreal Engine 5. According to the artist, the scene is fully PBR and was quite challenging to create due to "the size of the surface and all the cleaning related", stating that "the ground had to be manually reconstructed".

"The all place is only 30x8k textures + ones for individual objects (single 4k each). Working in real-time," commented 3Dystopia. "Smaller objects were reconstructed individually and sometimes duplicated, like benches or poles."

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