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Houdini's Procedural UE5-Boosted 3D Scene to Premiere in a Few Weeks

SideFX plans to break down its Project Pegasus tech demo during the upcoming Project Pegasus HIVE.

SideFX, the developer of Houdini, has announced that Project Pegasus, an in-house tech demo being created by CG Supervisor Ian Smith in collaboration with the SideFX team, is set to make its official debut later this month at the Project Pegasus HIVE event hosted by the studio.

For those who might be unfamiliar, Project Pegasus is a massive 3D environment whose production commenced at the Game Developers Conference 2023. Similar to SideFX's Unreal Engine 5-powered Project Titan, Project Pegasus aims to explore the procedural workflows of Houdini and their application in crafting an open-world 3D environment that seamlessly integrates with the latest technologies in UE5. As with the previous project, the studio plans to share the tools and techniques used to create this environment after its official reveal.

According to the new announcement trailer shared by SideFX, Project Pegasus will premiere on November 28, 2023. Besides showcasing the final environment itself, the upcoming Project Pegasus HIVE will also offer a behind-the-scenes look at the project, with Ian Smith and the team providing a comprehensive overview of their production pipeline and delving into the Houdini-powered tools that played a crucial role in crafting the scene.

During the event, the team will explore:

  • How to build a collaborative pipeline,
  • Dynamic landscape creation,
  • Procedural cliffs with UE5's Nanite,
  • Pile Tool for debris and objects,
  • Automated Nanite props creation,
  • Advanced building generation,
  • Cloudscapes with Houdini 20,
  • Flora Tools,
  • And more!

"Project Pegasus is a showcase of advanced techniques and a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in game development," commented SideFX. "Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting, this project offers invaluable insights and inspiration."

Back in August, Ian Smith also spoke extensively about Project Pegasus at SIGGRAPH HIVE 2023, sharing a WIP look at the project's procedural landscapes, foliage, and buildings and showcasing various tools and techniques, including procedural building generation, landscape detailing, foliage creation, and cloudscapes using Houdini and Unreal Engine 5:

And here are some insightful demos shared by the artist over the past few months:

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