Humble Bundle Sale: Fantastic Worlds & Creatures for Unreal Developers

The NatureManufacture team in collaboration with Infinity PBR announced an immense sale for the collections. 

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The NatureManufacture and Infinity PBR developers designed an extended collection of assets that help creatives to build fantasy worlds in Unreal Engine. All the assets are split into 3 bundles and include high-quality, realistic environment sets for a variety of outdoor locales, including meshes, blueprints, and materials created by the NatureManufacture team, as well as fully animated, high-fidelity horrendous creatures such as spiders, rock monsters, and goblins, developed by Infinity PBR.

Below we've gathered some information about the assets that are on sale. 

Scorpion Character Pack

This is the Unreal Engine version of the Metal Ghost Knight character pack from Infinity PBR. It includes 9 ready-to-use materials, mesh morphing via Morph Targets, and some killer animations. 

Treant Monster Creature

This monster character comes with dozens of animations, including Dynamic animations that blend together for more fluid, natural loops. It also features multiple game-ready textures, and mesh morphing via blend shapes, so you can create hundreds of looks. 

Goblins Character Pack for Unity & Unreal | Infinity PBR

The Goblins character pack comes with male and female goblins, a modular wardrobe, a sword and shield, and plenty of ready-to-use texture sets. The developers also include mesh morphing so you can quickly and easily change the physical mesh itself to create stronger, weaker, or just randomized enemies in your project.

Mountain - Environment Set

It's an extended library of foliage and environment assets, which was photo-scanned and optimized by the NatureManufacture team.

This pack contains:

  1. 448 meshes and blueprints for: trees, grass, plants, rocks, stones, branches, mushrooms, roots, cones, roots, etc.
  2. Huge library of 100% scanned assets, carefully optimized, LOD’ed
  3. Group of materials which will bring better quality and simplify your workflow

You can get the 5-item bundle for 1 USD, the 11-item collection for 20 USD, and the entire bundle with 21 items for 25 USD. Also, don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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