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Imitating Water Ripples With Controllers in VR

This time, Khena B added water ripples to the upcoming VR experience.

Solo Game Developer Khena B continues working on the upcoming water-themed Unreal Engine-powered VR experience and demonstrating its progress via mesmerizing demos. In case you missed it, back in early August, the developer showed a realistic WiP water shader that consisted of a water plane, masked post-process shaders, a decal shader to set up the caustics, and Unreal's SceneTexture for the distortion effect. Since then, the project got more awesome features and was transformed from a water shader into an upcoming VR experience.

This time, the developer made the water look even more realistic by adding ripples, ripple caustics, more particles, and even a waterfall capable of disturbing the water surface in a lifelike manner. What's more, since the last update, the entire project was moved from Unreal Engine 5 to Unreal Engine 4 due to the latter's better performance. As before, the demos run on Quest 2 via Air Link and are powered by RTX 3070.

In the future, the developer plans to continue improving the experience by adding more features, such as interactive plants, wildlife, buoyancy, swim mechanics, and hidden treasures for the player to discover. You can follow the development process and leave your suggestions by visiting Khena B's Twitter page.

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