Introducing: Marmoset Hexels 3
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Introducing: Marmoset Hexels 3
27 September, 2017

Marmoset is proud to present an all new version of our geometric design and painting suite, Hexels 3! The third edition of Hexels brings a new set of pixel based tools that lets artists combine sharp edged vector art with free-flowing pixels. Included are dedicated pixel brushes, pixel layers, rasterization tools and document settings that allow for pixel scaling and anti-aliasing.

Most importantly, Hexels 3 is a free update for all Hexels 2 users.

Paint with Geometry

Hexels is a unique and versatile painting tool. At the heart of Hexels is a paintable grid of geometric shapes: hexagons, squares, subdivided triangles, and custom polygons are all at the artist’s disposal. This grid canvas acts as a guide for geometric design, the constraint for an angular style, and a baseline for all sorts of layered animation.

Hexels is a friendly playground for the beginning artist and a formidable addition to a professional’s toolset in nearly any creative field.

Art by Lee Occleshaw.

Tailored Integration

Graphic designers are able to produce slick vectors and export at print-ready resolution, or save work out as SVG or layered PSD for final touch-ups elsewhere. Illustrators can create art for children’s books and interior designers can come up with innovative ways to visualise their concepts.

Art by Will Wantz.

Game artists can develop art assets and animation cycles to export as spritesheets for 2D games. 3D artists can create perfect tileable patterns for use in their texture workflow using the wrapped canvas.

Art by Chris Hodgson.

Real-World Realizations

For those who like to work with their hands, Hexels can be used to create everything from seamless patterns for textile printing, to cross-stitching blueprints or ideating designs for craft pieces.

Print by Saskia Freeke.

Artful Manipulation

Grids can be manipulated on a per-layer basis. This means artists can have unique properties, effects and transforms on one layer’s grid and have an entirely different set of qualities for others. Artists can experiment and mould the grid to fit a unique style, or play by the rules and create complex, tessellating patterns and mathematical motion.

Art by Andres Reinot.

Changing Perspectives

Hexels is well known for its isometric capabilities. With a grid of triangles, Trixels, artists can paint isometric wonderlands. Various subdivisions of Trixels provide easy guides for drafting isometric walls, floors, ramps, and perspective conundrums.

Art by Mark Knight.

When Vector Met Pixel

Artists looking to combine isometric art with pixel elements can create a hybrid of styles using the all-new pixel features. Pixel layers and soft brushes can be used to overlay hard-edged vectors with pixel art and sweeping brushwork. Vector layers can be rasterized into pixels, then touched up with trim and detail. The whole canvas can be set to Pixel Mode for a pixel-perfect preview of vector art at a fixed export resolution.

Art by Mark Knight.

Swift Motion

Animation in Hexels is powerful and simple to use. Animators can draw animations frame by frame, or use keyframed layer motion and tweening curves to bring their canvas to life. Layer properties like glow and post effects can also be keyframed. Hexels 3 comes with a whole library of new, animatable effects to add that final, stylistic punch to a cinematic masterpiece.

Art by Mira Karouta.

Try it Out!

Hexels makes designing, illustrating and animating with geometry easy and incredibly fun. Whether you are a budding hobbyist or seasoned professional, we’re confident you’ll find a home for Hexels in your artistic process.

Download Hexels 3 today (Mac or PC) and give it a whirl with a fully featured 14-day trial.


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