JustSketchMe: Brand-New Tool to Give Depth to Your Characters

JustSketchMe has developed a toolset that will allow you to create references for your art exactly how you imagine it.

JustSketchMe has created a useful tool for artists to save them time and help hone their skills. It contains loads of poses giving the creatives a starting point for producing the next great piece. The platform was created by Herman Martinus and Simon-Kai Garvie

The platform includes:

  • Realistic models
  • Anime models
  • Pet & fantasy models
  • Hundreds of pre-built poses
  • Pre-built hand poses
  • Save your work in the cloud
  • Adding shapes and props
  • Adding images
  • Exporting models as 3D objects

There are multiple characters and styles, so everyone can choose from an ever-growing range of character models in a variety of styles to give a good jumping-off point. Inside the platform, you can set the scene with customizable lighting sources and add dramatic flair to your next piece.

As a time-savvy instrument, it allows using fully rotatable and scalable shapes to add depth to your references and block out increasingly complex scenes.

The platform includes a growing pose library of well-crafted preset poses for characters that will fit any project. Also, it makes it easy to export your characters to any external platform to continue working on rendering and lighting.  

Among the huge number of models, you may choose the preferred one, duplicate it, and add additional models creating a full scene. 

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The platform also provides Gizmos, tools that allow you to manipulate objects (models or props) in the scene. They can be thought of as different modes of interacting with the scene.  Once a gizmo is selected you can select a joint or object by clicking it. Right-clicking or clicking away will deselect that joint or object.

This tool allows you to rotate any joint on a character model into the desired position. This is used to pose the models and rotate props. You can select and drag an individual axis (the colored circles) or free rotate by selecting anywhere inside the sphere and dragging.

The JustSketchMe team has created in-depth tutorials that demonstrate the various functions and uses of the app.

You may try the tool here. Also, check out some amazing works at the JustSketchMe gallery

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