Lumberyard Beta 1.10 Available
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nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

Lumberyard Beta 1.10 Available
2 August, 2017

Amazon announced the availability of Lumberyard Beta 1.10, the team’s biggest release to date with over 546 improvements, fixes, and features. You can download it here. The company has modified, ripped, and replaced over 50% of the original codebase. 


Order-independent Transparency

The team gave a glimpse of OIT at GDC this year in collaboration with NVIDIA Research, and now they have finally integrated it into Lumberyard 1.10. 

The left side of the screen showcases the benefits of enabling Order-independent Transparency.

Temporal Anti-Aliasing

With Temporal Anti-Aliasing, you can more easily smooth out imperfections caused by real-time rendering, getting closer to film-like quality in your games. Temporal Anti-Aliasing will help you achieve that higher level of visual fidelity in your projects.

The left side of the screen showcases the benefits of enabling Temporal Anti-Aliasing.

Hundreds of additional features and optimizations

Tweaks and fixes in this release:

  • They’ve introduced 35 improvements to component entity workflows to help speed up your iteration time. For example, you can now multi-select in the Entity Inspector (just use CTRL and SHIFT clicks), revert entities and components back to their slice defaults in one click from the context menu, enable and disable components from the Entity Outliner, and even customize your entity’s icons.
  • They’ve also added over 50 improvements to our Cloud Gems to help you better manage your player community. New features include the ability to create new users, reset passwords, and ban players outright in just a few clicks from in the Cloud Gems Portal.
  • Plus much more, including a brand new docking system for customizing the editor and performance improvements to the material editor.

Lumberyard’s new docking system

Full release notes can be found here.

Source: Amazon

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