Marvelous Designer 7 Overview
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by Frank
6 hours ago

Is there any way i can tweak the colors dynamically through another blueprint? I tried with the "get all actors of class" function and setting the colors of the clouds by a timeline, everything else connected to the timeline does its thing but the volumetric clouds wouldn't change. Are the properties somehow fix?

by Ronnie Ochero
9 hours ago

Hi, what version of blender does this work with?

by anonymous
14 hours ago

Yeah this is good but it doenst capture the 2d look it still looks 3d. How about copying the movement of 2d animation because this looks way too smooth. 1 example is using the classic by twos which most studios do or also use 24 fps to really capture the 2d feel

Marvelous Designer 7 Overview
27 September, 2017

CLO Virtual Fashion Inc. has released Marvelous Designer 7 with good performance and enhanced features. This official release includes amazing features to expand more functionality to optimize workflow. Thousands of hours of development have gone into Marvelous Designer 7 with enhanced features, performance improvement, and of course prompt support and millions of people are already benefitting from that effort.

Marvelous Designer can confirm the following never seen before features:

  • Flattening: Draw lines on the Avatar and extract patterns.

  • Segment Darts: Add and modify Darts added along pattern outlines.

  • Modular Mode: Combine or swap out ready-made Block Components to create designs with speed and flexibility.

  • Zipper: Add zipper details quickly and easily.

  • Stitch: Establish topstitch settings while sewing the garment together simultaneously.

  • Script: Support script mode.

Find out more details about new features in Marvelous Designer 7

Marvelous Designer has been widely used in high-profile game productions to improve clothing simulation, and to speed up the process of creating believable outfits. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Assassin’s Creed and Metal Gear Solid V are some of the blockbuster productions that have utilized Marvelous Designer in their pipelines.

Software updates/upgrade

Marvelous Designer 2, 3 license holders would not be eligible for the upgrade to Marvelous Designer 7 and will have to purchase a new subscription or perpetual since they no offer upgrade to Marvelous Designer 2, 3 license holders due to major change in policy.

“three-versions-back” upgrade policy

: Available for anyone who owned a prior Marvelous Designer Perpetual license up to three major versions back would be eligible for discounted upgrade pricing when moving up to the latest release. Meaning, if you’ve got Marvelous Designer 4, 5– either Enterprise or Personal license, you can receive price reductions of 60% when upgrading to Marvelous Designer 7. For those who have Marvelous Designer 6 would upgrade and save 75% off. That means no more 3 versions back. Upgrade at every point or buy a new license when you need it again.

  • 75% off Upgrade for Marvelous Designer 6

  • 60% off Upgrade for earlier version than Marvelous Designer 5

With regards to upgrades, they are changing their policy for perpetual license customers and this new policy will be applied on Marvelous Designer 7. Users with a subscription (either single-user or multi-user access) are automatically eligible to update to the latest version of a product.

For additional information or questions, contact at please.


Pricing has come down with Marvelous Designer 7 many thanks to all your support and dedication to making Marvelous Designer wonderful! Marvelous Designer 7 Personal is currently available at $50 for Monthly Subscription, $300 for Annual Subscription and $490 for Perpetual License.

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