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Megascans Digest: Recreating a Scene from Tomb Raider

Check out 4 assets from Megascans Library that might come in handy if you want to recreate a scene from a legendary game or make an environment inspired by it. 

For this week's digest, we've decided to go back to iconic Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider franchise and see if there are any scenes we can take as an inspiration or try to recreate. We've stopped on Shadows of the Tomb Raider that has a handful of breathtaking landscapes and grand ruins like the one below. Check out the assets compilation that might help with the production process. 

1. Wall Iris

The Wall Iris with its prolonged shiny leaves seems to be a good choice to mimic the original plant and create a feeling of a tropical forest in your scene.

2. Wooden Branch

There is also plenty of half-dead and broken branches covered in moss, probably because of the high humidity of the air in the forest. Check out this Wooden Branch that can be easily modified or complemented with other branches from the library.

3.  Damaged Castle Wall 

The construction Lara is trying to reach in the screenshot is so rich in details that you'll likely have to create some of the parts manually, - and that's a great chance to practice modeling! This asset might ease the workload a bit and serve as a starting point for the construction. We'd recommend adding a bit of moss and moisture to adjust the asset to the scene.

4. Castle Stairs

Another asset to help with the production of the structure. The Megascans Library offers a few variations of ancient and temple stairs. We've picked this one but feel free to choose the one you like!

If you got inspired and are ready to dive into a new project, we suggest that you take a look at the insightful article Lost Temple: Creating a Scene with Blender and Megascans by Andrii Stadnyk, in which he discussed his workflow and explained how to work with and customize Megascans assets.

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