Meta's AI Platform MyoSuite Could Help Develop Better Prosthetics

It builds realistic musculoskeletal simulations that run up to 4,000x faster than state-of-the-artand can perform complex movements.

Meta announced MyoSuite – a new AI platform that can build realistic musculoskeletal simulations and perform complex movements. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the simulations run up to 4,000x faster than state-of-the-art. MyoSuite applies machine learning (ML) to biomechanical control problems by unifying motor and neural intelligence.

"This research could accelerate development of prosthetics, physical rehab, and surgery techniques. It could also help us develop more realistic avatars for the metaverse," he added.

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So far, MyoSuite has physiologically realistic simulations of human anatomy of the arm and hand, but the company is planning to develop the platform and include other parts of the body.

The developers are hoping that MyoSuite will become the de facto platform for unifying motor and neural intelligence. 

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