Microsoft: The Future of Windows Store

Microsoft: The Future of Windows Store

In a couple of days Microsoft will announce its biggest features for Windows 10. What to expect?

In a couple of days Microsoft will announce its biggest features for Windows 10.

Microsoft will hold a big press-event to showcase its new platform Windows 10. After the mixed response to Windows 8 and its countless updates, the next version is finally going to bring the credibility back to Microsoft and its software products. While we’re thinking about the future of Windows and games for this platform, it’s nice to have a short look at the cool statistics about the company. Thankfully there’s a huge webpage devoted to important statistics from Microsoft.

Microsoft by the Numbers

The most interesting thing for developers there (PDF-link) is the amount of users of Xbox Live. This service now has over 48 million gamers in 41 countries. Microsoft makes incredible effort to keep gamers glued to TV-screens in United States. Xbox One finally managed to overcome PlayStation 4 in retail, but still there’s no denying that Microsoft loses its leading position in the console game market.

According to the recent developer poll conducted at the 2014 Game Developer’s Conference, 26% of developers work at a new PS4-game. 22% believe in Xbox One. However Microsoft does have an ace up its sleeve – PC-market. 56% of developers at Game Developer’s Conference are making their games for Windows.

Console development is much more expensive and requires good contacts with the platform holder. Many developers still believe that to get to the console one has to have good contacts with Microsoft or Sony.

Steam right now is the best (or the only) way to distribute your games. It’s cheaper to make games for PC and it’s much easier to market and sell the platform. Microsoft has its own app-store for Windows 8, but it fails in comparison with the distribution platform from Valve.

Microsoft is making Windows 10 a united system for all the platforms including mobile and PC. All the apps for this system are going to be present there. This may be a huge leap for Microsoft. With multiplatform and reasonable pricing Windows Store may become a the biggest game store in the world. We’ll just have to wait and see what Microsoft will announce in a couple of days.

Author: Ulyana Chernyak

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    Microsoft: The Future of Windows Store