13.5 million PS4 systems shipped in 12 months
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13.5 million PS4 systems shipped in 12 months
15 November, 2014
Sony Computer Entertainment America celebrated 12 month of PlayStation 4 with a huge infographic, showing the juicy numbers and achievements.


It’s been over a year since PS4 graced the world with its presence. It was a very active and fruitful period for the system. The game console managed to overtake its closest rival Xbox One and become the next-gen system to buy for thousands of gamers all over the world.

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The numbers are really impressive. There were 13.5 million PS4 systems shipped worldwide. Sony stated that PS4 generated the most revenue in the U.S. during its first year than any other new gaming platform. The PlayStation Network has over 56 million unique active users (including users from the PS3). The most interesting bit is the popularity of PS+ – a truly great service, that guarantees you access to free games each month. PS+ has over 7.9 million subscribers. Sine PS4 launch the number of PS+ gamers increased 270%.

On the 3rd of December the company will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the PlayStation brand. To commemorate this event Sony will gather its fans in one place in Las Vegas during December 6th-7th for the PlayStation Experience. It is a consumer-oriented event where gamers will be able to get access to new and upcoming games.


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