Mike Hill Contributed to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
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Mike Hill Contributed to Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
7 November, 2016
One of the best designers in entertainment industry showed some of the work he’s done for the new Call of Duty.

There’s a lot of noise in the game development circles about how good the new Call of Duty is. Respected developers and designers claim that the project seems to be the best part of the series since the release of Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty did a lot of questionable things in the past, but with the newest iteration, it’s really doing a lot of stuff right. One of the best decisions Infinity Ward made, was hiring Mike Hill. Mike is one of the best industrial designers in movie and game industry. If you haven’t heard about his, well you’re really missing out on something very cool. Check out some of his outstanding lectures.

For Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Mike designed UNSA Retribution. He created the design of the interiors, some vehicles and some of the amazing mechanisms, used in the game. The cool thing about his work is that it all looks very, very real. Thanks to this approach Infinite Warfare does look relatable, readable and coherent.

I had the pleasure of a new challenge in 2015 – I was asked by the team at Infinity Ward to develop an inter-orbital aircraft carrier that would function as a fully interactive player hub experience.
My job was to build this carrier from scratch – a complete level design that would need to satisfy every area of production, from game design through to narrative.
I’ll be posting comprehensive breakdowns of the design process in the future, but for now I’ve edited a breakdown reel of the Retribution, Raven and Jackal which you can see below!

I’m extremely proud to have worked with such a talented team to develop what I feel is one of the strongest games of the year. I plan to do breakdowns of these designs shortly, in the meantime there are a handful of images below and you can check out more in the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare gallery.


Mike Hill












So yeah, if you haven’t bought Infinite Warfare yet, this is one more reason to do so.


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