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Mind-Blowing Setup That Lets You Preview Blender Scenes in AR in Real-Time

Set to go open-source in the coming weeks, Daniel Beauchamp's latest setup allows you to freshen up your 3D modeling workflow.

Daniel Beauchamp, a renowned AR enthusiast and Principal AR/VR Engineer at Shopify, has really one-upped himself this time, showcasing an absolutely jaw-dropping setup that combines 3D modeling and augmented reality into one seamless experience.

Operating on the Apple Vision Pro headset, this setup allows users to preview 3D Blender scenes in AR in real-time by continuously exporting USDZ files. Thanks to Apple's Reality Kit, the system can utilize the user's real-life surroundings as a light source, consistently updating the environment map to reflect changes and enable realistic light interactions with the AR version of a 3D model. According to the author, the setup is scheduled to go open-source in the coming weeks and will be available via Shopify.

Previously, Daniel also unveiled Chores 2.0, a more enjoyable and interactive way of vacuuming floors. With a custom setup, users can collect digital coins scattered across the floor or vacuum green-marked spots in augmented reality, injecting entertainment into an otherwise mundane activity:

And prior to that, the creator demonstrated a cool peeling mechanic for VR and showed how it works by peeling a digital potato:

And here are some of Daniel's previous projects, you can check out more by clicking this link:

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