Modo 13.2 Available

Foundry announced the release of Modo 13.2. Let's have a look at the new features.

The new version brings improvements to animation, modeling, shading, rigging, and gradients. What is more, it has a rendering focus introducing mPath, the new pathtrace-based renderer, meant to vastly improve the processing time needed for design communication in the artists’ workflow.

“Artists today require a tool that is not only faster at the core but also enables them to customize every click to be more efficient, keeping them in the creative flow to explore their full potential. Backed by customer input, the strategy for the Modo 13 Series focused on the most requested feature enhancements of those using Modo today," said Shane Griffith, Director of Product at Foundry.

New in Modo 13.2:

  • Rendering: Material parity improvements with the hardware-agnostic AMD Radeon ProRender and the completely new mPath Modo render with accelerated ray tracing via NVIDIA’s RTX technology.
  • Animation: Graph Editor improvements introduce new features like Curve normalization, Stacked Curve Edit Mode, Speed and Velocity Visualization and Easier Key Handle Editing and Time Range Visualization. Animation timeline improvements include a new Time Fit Command to quickly set timeline range based on selected items or Actions.
  • Rigging: New and powerful tools are being introduced - IK solver designed with predictability and control of twist angles and a new option to add gradient-based user channels allowing for even greater flexibility, with advanced rigging and other procedural workflows.
  • Shading: Support for X-Rite’s AxF format has been expanded to the 1.1 and 1.4 specs providing the best possible digital representation of a physical real-world material.
  • Modeling: Completely new Edge Chamfer for direct and procedural modeling workflows provides a robust and reliable advancement to Modo’s beveling tools.

Visit this page to learn more.

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    Modo 13.2 Available