New VHS-Style Horror Game is Like Slender With Unrecord Graphics

Silent Breath is an upcoming UE5-powered horror game featuring microphone detection and photorealistic graphics.

Check out Silent Breath, an upcoming horror game from Exodiac Studios that takes a page out of Slender's, Unrecord's, and Don't Scream's books, combining the hunt for lost items with microphone detection and stunning photorealistic graphics.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, Silent Breath is set across several spooky environments with Eastern Europe vibes, including but not limited to a graveyard, an abandoned amusement park, and an expansive forest inhabited not by squirrels and foxes but by an assortment of ghoulish beings taken straight from your worst nightmares.

Image Credit: Exodiac Studios, Silent Breath

As previously mentioned, your main goal is to locate individuals who have previously disappeared in the forest. Along the way, you'll encounter various horrifying creatures determined to end your search right then and there. As such, your task is to evade the monsters while staying completely silent, as any screams will result in "game over".

Image Credit: Exodiac Studios, Silent Breath


  • Microphone detection
  • Unpredictable dynamic jumpscares
  • Found-footage/VHS-style graphics
  • Different AIs hunting you down
  • Photorealistic environment
  • Huge forest with different locations in every direction
  • Replayability (Scares and missing person locations are dynamically randomized in every playthrough, making each playthrough a unique experience.)

Image Credit: Exodiac Studios, Silent Breath

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