Packs for Sci-Fi Environments from Kitbash

Check out 6 packs for futuristic, cyberpunk world production with skyscrapers, towers, spaceships, and urban scene details from Kitbash. 

All packs include .MA, .MAX,  .C4D, .BLEND,  .FBX, .OBJ file formats, have a high poly count with tillable textures and included shaders. All collections run on Octane Render, VRay, Redshift, Native Renderers.

Use the discount code KB80 to get 15% off when purchasing the packs.

1.Neo Tokyo

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Get a pack for creating an urban environment inspired by the 2020 Japan Olympics theme. With the collection, you can build skyscrapers and huge blocks based on the modern eco-friendly and futuristic philosophy. The buildings will work for films, video games, anime, and manga.

2. Neo Tokyo 2

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An additional collection for the Neo Tokyo pack with new buildings, city blocks, details that will help you create your futuristic world even more believable.

3. New Shanghai

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This pack will be a perfect choice if you’re working on the Cyberpunk scene or any other Asia-inspired mega-cities. The collection includes various sizes of city blocks, towers, and other details for urban infrastructure to bring the Shanghai vibe to your project.

Designed by Sebastian Luca, modeled by Nedim Šećeragić, texturing by Alexey HrDesign, cover art by Jaime Jasso.

4. Heavy Metal

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Whether you’re working on a sci-fi world, abandoned scenes, or organic environments, you’ll definitely find some pieces to enhance the visuals of it even more. The pack includes textures, organic shapes, fluid structures for all kinds of worlds that won’t complicate your production process.

Designed by Sebastian Luca, modeled by Jakub Vondra, textured by Alexey HrDesign, cover art by Droquis. 

5. Veh: Spaceships

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Check out a pack with 10 pre-built sci-fi spaceships for galaxies, planets, and skylines production. All assets are customizable and include a handful of details to experiment with.

Modeled by Igor Sobolevsky, textured by Smiljan Pecjak, cover art by Darko Darmar Markovic.  

6. Neo City - Free Pack

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If you aren't sure yet if these assets will work for your project, this pack might be a good option for you. This free mini kit includes cool pieces from Neo Tokyo, Neo Shanghai, and Cyber Streets for you to check out. Learn more information on this pack and ongoing sale from Kitbash here. This pack will be free for a while only, so grab now!

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