Playdead co-founder paid $7.2M to leave company
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Playdead co-founder paid $7.2M to leave company
17 January, 2017
Danish financial newspaper Børsen revealed some interesting bits of information about the changes in the studio, that created INSIDE.

Dino Patti

So, back in July 2016, when you were enjoying INSIDE, Dino Patti, one of the co-founders of Playdead, left the company. It appears that the change in management actually required some lawyers and a big payoff for a share of the company. We don’t know all the details, but NeoGAF published a loose translation of some of the points from the article.

The conflict started in 2015 when Patti felt that “the last couple of years it has been a bit silent at the office for my temper. You make a new game every fourth or sixth year, so not much is going on”. The resolution to the conflict broke down over who owned the rights for the games.

Since 2015 the two creators were not on speaking terms and only communicated through lawyers where each party tried to gain control of the company. On the 10th of November 2015 Arnt Jensen wrote that “after heavy consideration, I have to find other avenues to continue my creative activities through”.

After that Patti removed Jensen as the executive from Playdead’s CVR registry, cause he believed that his partner was leaving the company. Jensen’s lawyers disagreed. They say he only resigned as creative director, not as the co-owner of the company. The Danish Business Authority had to force Patti out due to continued disagreement between the two parties (this part is a bit confusing for us, if you can make it clearer – please comment)! After that Patti was paid 7.2 million USD for 49% of the company

Patti is not satisfied with the compensation and wants to come back as the co-director at the company. It’s very personal and we probably won’t learn the truth. One thing is certain – INSIDE & Limbo seem to be in danger.


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