Procedural Terrains with UE4 & Houdini
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by Krzysztof Czerwinski
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by James Brown
8 hours ago

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by Bryan C. Ruffin
8 hours ago

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Procedural Terrains with UE4 & Houdini
27 September, 2018

Kevin Babin, a 3D Artist and a fan of procedural generation, has recently shared a short breakdown of his terrain created using Unreal and Houdini. The artist is really interested in the procedural content generation, and a couple of months ago he decided to study different types of environments.

The first environment the artist is working on is called NS8, which is a cool frozen planet.  The procedural way is highly efficient in a production pipeline because of node-based graphs and other useful tools for level designers and all kinds of artists. 

The artist’s latest breakdown features a number of general tips and tricks on procedural art and explains some of the steps. You can find it here

Kevin also suggests checking two videos from GDC 2017 and GDC 2018 with Alexander Dracott about Houdini 16 Terrain Tools. Here is a recording from GDC 2017: 

Source: ArtStation

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