Punch Club: Pixel Art Tycoon about Martial Arts
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We should talk more about this, all of us... I work multiple jobs in gaming and entertainment in general so I burn out once or twice a year and I need months to recover. Screw that.

by Pawel Stolecki
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That's really neat tool to have,leads me to dig dipper into pixel proccesor. Great job

Punch Club: Pixel Art Tycoon about Martial Arts
8 January, 2016

Introducing Punch Club (ex. VHS Story). This is a retro-looking game from Russian game company Lazy Bear Games. We first learned about his project back in 2014 during a GamesJamKanobu competition. Two years ago this project was presented already in a very good form with nice visuals and a detailed story.


Punch Club is clearly inspired by old-school 8-16-bit games from the 80-90s. There are a ton of various references inside this project, so if you like Blood Sport and enjoy Double Dragon, you’ll definitely find a lot of interesting stuff inside this great project.


Were not just trying to lure players with new great looks and nice mechanics. Our game has a real story inside the project. We’re planning to add a real story inside the project. It will be non-linear with lots of different branches, characters and random encounters. There will also be a lot of different endings in this project. We’re really aiming for replayability, but we’re not really working on an adventure. It’s a full blown tycoon-game with role-playing elements.

Lazy Bear Games (via Kanobu)


Punch Club is a completely independent project. The developers have been working on this title for quite some time, showing it on various events and taking part in competitions. The project is currently supported by Tiny Build Games – one of the few indie-labels, which helps to promote and distribute original independent games.


We’ll be publishing an interview with the Punch Club team in a couple of weeks, but so far you can check out the official website and have a look at the Steam page of this game.

Source: store.steampowered.com

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