Real-Time Face Recognition in Star Citizen
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Real-Time Face Recognition in Star Citizen
29 August, 2017

One of the most technically advanced games of our time is using some cool Face Over Internet Protocol solutions.

Cloud Imperium Games and Faceware Technology has recently revealed their partnership, which allowed to integrate facial tracking into Star Citizen. Here’s a live demo from Star Citizen’s Technical Director of Content Sean Tracy.

Using your home web-camera, Faceware tracks your face and gathers information about your emotions and facial movements in general. Than this data is quickly fed into the game and your 3d avatar’s copies your facial movements. It tracks eye movement, lips, brows, nose, While this is still early in the development, we want to see more use of this technology in Star Citizen.

Here are some points from the official announcement:

  • With Faceware’s upcoming motion sensor, you’ll be able to have all of your facial animations scanned, analyzed, and instantly streamed at 60fps right onto your character’s face within the ‘Verse. Alternatively, you can use your system’s built-in webcam (quality of the facial detection may vary by model).
  • Using your microphone or another audio input device, we’ll be able to capture your voice and broadcast it from the point in 3D space where your character is located.
  • We’ve further modified the tech so that we can also utilize Faceware to track the direction and movement of your head and eyes. This will allow you to freely look around your cockpit without any additional hardware or peripherals.

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