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Real-Time Mocap Tests with Unity & iPhone

Modern tech is so advanced that you don’t need expensive stuff to set up AAA-looking animation.

Modern tech is so advanced that you don’t need expensive stuff to set up AAA-looking animation. What you need is Unity and iPhone X. Yibing Jiang has recently shared experiments with Unity ARkit plugin and the latest Apple smartphone, and the results are amazing. 

Hey guys, it’s been a while. I have been working on our upcoming animated short film called ‘Windup’. And this is a test scene from it!

This short film will be the proof point to show that we can achieve animated feature quality and rendered real-time in Unity engine. 
Rather than using methods seen in VFX, we take techniques from the AAA game production that push the visual bar while being real-time.

The test scene is a collaboration of Laurent Harduin, Jacob Norris, Colin Thomas and me.

Special thanks to Melissa Chou, Sebastien Lagarde, John Parsaie, John Sweeney and Chris Kang who helped us to finish it.

For more details, please check out the slices of my GDC talk “‘Windup’: An Animation Feature Quality Rendering in Real-Time”.

Yibing Jiang 

Real-time render test – Unity’s short film ‘Windup’

Character concept

Character concept

Character concept

Character model and hair cards study

Creating tileable textures for fabrics

Completed Final Character

Completed Final Character

Environment concept and color study

Completed Final Environment

Final capture

Final capture

Final capture

You can learn more about the project here.

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Comments 2

  • Jyb125

    Right now,it has to be iPhone x, it's using ARkit's built-in rig. Which is the same one for animoji.



    ·5 years ago·
  • issam

    why an iphoneX ?
    can we do the same thing with other smartphones ?



    ·5 years ago·

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