Ring of Elysium Xtreme Survival 2D & 3D Challenge
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by Trilo Byte
8 hours ago

If you rig your character up as a standard SineSpace avatar and getting it working properly, then any clothing purchased (or that you make) in SineSpace should just work properly (if not, file a bug report). If you're rigging up your Daz3D content as a costume replacement (also known as a bypass avatar, since it bypasses the entire avatar, clothing, and attachment system), then you're on your own.

by ariana pham
8 hours ago

play game happy wheels

by Kaji
13 hours ago

Nice article. I would love to know if there is any cloth rigging tutorial or tool/plugin that could solve the typical mesh bleeding issue. For reference, I have issues with getting custom or bought clothes on a custom animated Daz3D Character in Unity. So far, the character looks good and work. The clothes fit in T-Position but once the animation starts, the vertices from the character bleeds through certain parts again and again. I've looked into the bones skin-weights but was not able to see anything to improve there. the problem grows once certain body-morphs alter the character (giving him more weight or muscles)

Ring of Elysium Xtreme Survival 2D & 3D Challenge
1 February, 2019

Welcome to Europa Island, where it’s kill or be killed in a battle royale. And it’s not just people trying to kill you – the volcanic island is also a deathtrap. But there is one escape helicopter left – with only 4 seats. Can you outrun the volcano, outshoot the competition, and escape the island before it’s too late??

Xtreme Survival is your only chance! And you’re going to need to use your special BMX, grapple hook, or hang glider skills to get out of this mess. So show us your best final 2D & 3D designs (and 4 WIPs) for a chance to win a new gaming laptop, graphics card, other top gaming accessories, and CGMA online classes! And, of course, to escape the island alive.

The Challenge – Choose either Option A or Option B:

+OPTION A – 2D or 3D:
Using the characters & skills from Ring of Elysium, show a character using a skill to escape the volcanic eruption & survive.

Fully design and model/render one Ring of Elysium character using a skill to escape the volcanic eruption of Europa Island. (Showing the volcano is not required.) Whether hang gliding off of the clock tower, grappling through the forest, or BMX-biking off a cliff jump – you decide!

Pick one character: Sylvia, Bradley, or Alfonso
Pick one skill: BMX, grapple, hang glider
Character must be recognizable (approx. body shape/male/female) in the final submission to be eligible for a prize.

+OPTION B – 2D or 3D:
Upgrade the uniform of one Ring of Elysium character to help them escape the volcanic eruption and survive.

Fully design and model/render one Ring of Elysium character with a new uniform to help them withstand and escape the volcanic eruption that threatens their ability to win the battle royale and escape the island.

Pick one character: Sylvia, Bradley, or Alfonso
Character must be recognizable (approx. body shape/male/female) in the final submission to be eligible for a prize.

2D final submissions must be fully rendered.
3D final submissions must be modeled, textured, and rendered.

Ready? Set? GO!

About Ring of Elysium:
Ring of Elysium is a free-to-play battle royale shooter developed by Tencent Games. Trapped in an area assaulted by natural disasters, the only way out is a rescue flight which can only save up to four people. Survivors must stay ahead of the approaching danger while eliminating competition.

To Participate in the Challenge:
It’s easy – make sure you’re logged into your CGS account or create an account. Submit your 4 WIPs here and submit your final piece here. Make sure to include your name with all of your submissions!

General Rules:
The contest is international. You can participate and contribute from any part of the world.

Images containing violence, pornography or any other inappropriate or offensive content may be disqualified and removed from the challenge. The CGSociety administration and the judges of the challenge reserve the right to decide whether your submissions follow the rules.

Only 1 final entry per person (choose one prompt only) and no group entries or collaborations are allowed this time. All entries must be new and created for this particular challenge; no re-working of older pieces.

Final entry must be included in your portfolio to be considered for a prize.

Prize winners will be selected based on design and rendering of final submission.

You are required to post a minimum of 4 WIP images as you go along, so your fellow artists can give feedback and learn from your techniques.

There will be a forum topic for this course, including an introduction & discussion thread, a WIP submissions thread, and the Final submissions thread.

If you post your work into the final thread without showing WIPs you may be ineligible for prizes.

Final image resolution: 1200px minimum please.

By submitting in the WIPs or final submissions threads, you agree to allow all mentioned sponsors to share any WIPs and final submissions on the sponsors’ own social media channels.

February 1st – March 15th, 2019. Create and submit an impressive work of art for a chance to win.

23:59 Pacific Standard Time, March 15th (FRIDAY), 2019


1st Place
+TBA gaming laptop
+1 – CGMA class

2nd Place
+TBA gaming laptop or graphics card
+50% off of 1 – CGMA class

3rd Place
+TBA graphics card and/or gaming accessories
+30% off of 1 – CGMA class

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