Rumba - A New Animation Tool

Mercenaries Engineering is working on a new animation tool.

The Mercenaries Engineering team is developing Rumba, a new standalone 3D animation software that will modernize and speed up animation projects. The tool includes the ability to pose characters with selection-less manipulators on the geometry, dedicated fingers and hands manipulators, transparent handling of IK/FK and FK/IK, and more.

The workflow here supports non-destructive animation layers and easy-to-use constraint layers, the ability to keep each layer’s timing visible. You can also easily mix and merge animations. What is more, it supports drag-and-drop keyframes.

The development team promises a professional curve editor, onion skinning, a poses and clips library, a multi-frame pose edition, and motion trails.

The new toolkit supports existing Maya rigs which can be modified using Rumba specific features. It's not available yet, but you can register on the official website to test a closed beta version.

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