RUMOR: Electronic Arts wants to acquire CD Projekt RED? Probably not
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RUMOR: Electronic Arts wants to acquire CD Projekt RED? Probably not
14 September, 2015

DSO Gaming reported a rumor, that casts a shadow over the future of CD Projekt RED (CDPR). One anonymous developer (presumably from the Polish company) contacted the website and told about Electronic Arts representatives visiting CD Projekt RED.

People from one of the most powerful game companies in the world are currently meeting with the top management of CD Projekt RED and discuss super secret stuff. The employer believes that they are negotiating the terms of the possible takeover. Electronic Arts wants to buy CD Projekt RED? One of the most successful independent AAA-game company in Europe? Seems plausible, but still you need to take it with a grain of salt.

The anonymous contact believes it’s a takeover, since CD Projekt RED is not going to release any games anytime soon, so it couldn’t be a publishing deal. However, CD Projekt RED does have a next game which is called Cyberpunk 2077. It’s still very early in the development, but this project has been announced quite a while ago.

There’s a lot of blind spots in this story. For all we know, they could be meeting to discuss plans for the distribution of Witcher 3 on Origin, or about partnering with But it is happening and the two companies are talking to each other. So far CD Projekt officially denies such rumors.

What do you think? Will they merge like Activision and Blizzard? Tell us in the comment section!



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2 Comments on "RUMOR: Electronic Arts wants to acquire CD Projekt RED? Probably not"


Hopefully not, EA means games will not be in Steam anymore, and they have overpriced games with too many DLCs.


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