Shadowheart Is the Most Popular Romantic Interest in Baldur's Gate 3

1.24 million players know what it feels like to be cheese and more fun stats from Larian Studios.

Image credit: Larian Studios

How predictable are you when it comes to gaming? What class did you choose in Baldur's Gate 3? Who did you woo? You can see how similar your choices are to other players' in the latest statistics sheet from Larian Studios.

Considering how often I've seen Astarion on every possible social network, I was surprised to find out that he is not the most romanceable character in the game. In fact, he's not even in the top 3. Most people (51.3%) have shared their hearts with Shadowheart, with Karlach and Lae'zel following. It's important to note that this stat counts completed romantic arcs only, so your choice won't be there if you don't reach the final act of their story.

Speaking of completion, 1.3 million players have finished the game, and almost all of them (1.24 million) have been a wheel of cheese at least once. 94% of the whole playerbase created a custom hero for their adventures, spending 8,196 years in the Character Creator. If they chose an Origin story, it was Gale's most of the time, followed by Astarion and Karlach.

The most popular class remains Paladin, and the most common race choice is Elf. Most Barbarians are Berserkers, Bards choose the College of Lore, Clerics – the Tempest Domain, Druids – the Circle of the Moon, Monks – the Way of the Open Hand, Paladins – the Oath of Vengeance, and Wizards – the Evocation school. The majority of Fighters are Battle Masters, Rogues are Assassins, Warlocks choose to be the Fiends, Rangers – Beast Masters, and Sorcerers have draconic bloodlines.

But that's not all, here are some more fun statistics. 2 million players have survived a dinosaur attack (and got a cool weapon out of it I assume). 84 million fireballs have been thrown, and 113 million corpses had someone to talk to. The best bud Scratch has been petted 48.5 million times, and he deserves even more! By Act 2, over 30% of players have accepted their illithid powers.

But I know what a lot of people thirst to know and so does Larian. The countless bear jokes have been shockingly ineffective: only 34% of Halsin lovers asked him to transform into his beastly form when the time came. Unfortunately, there are no statistics about that other unusual bedmate you can have.

BG3 received a new patch on November 30, which finally added playable epilogues so you can catch up with your friends 6 months after the end of the main quest. There is also a hardcore Honour Mode, which gives you only one life to live. Well, players have already started around 158,000 runs in this mode, and 464 of them have even been completed. 34,000 players weren't so lucky and died trying to get that golden die.

Overall, Baldur's Gate 3 has been played for over 452.5 million hours, or 51,662 years. Alas, Larian still doesn't want to share the sales numbers, but maybe it'll be our Christmas present, who knows?

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