SideFX Explained How Volume Adjust Look SOP was Built

In the future, all SideFX tools will get a 'How to use' and 'How it was built' videos.

Houdini creator SideFX is going to explain how its tools are made. Along with showing how to use the tool, the company will now provide a video explaining how to make it, mainly aimed at tech artists.

The first tool in the series is Volume Adjust Look SOP, which can convert volumes to greyscale, normal visualization mode, or motion vector visualization mode. It can also adjust volume density, diffuse color, emission color, shadow, and viewport rendering quality.

Compared to Volume Visualization SOP and Pyro Bake Volume SOP, this node offers similar but simpler controls. Those two nodes don't have are greyscale conversion, normal/motion vector visualization modes, per-component color scaling, and viewport rendering quality adjustments.

Volume Adjust Look SOP replaces Volume Detail Attributes SOP.

The "How to use" video shows the adjustments that can be made to the node, while the "How it was built" part explains the code and different volumes. 

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