SIGGRAPH 2020: A Look Into the Advanced Technologies from Adobe

Adobe and Adobe 3D & Immersive have revealed their advanced technologies highlights. Some of them will be presented during SIGGRAPH 2020.

Adobe and Adobe 3D & Immersive constantly work on solutions that will improve the digital art workflow.

This year, the Adobe team will take part in SIGGRAPH 2020 and will present some of their projects. As for now, the team has shared a compilation video with advanced technologies highlights. Here’s the list of them:

  • Parametric 3D Shape Modeling
  • User-Guided Evolution of Parametric Models
  • Programmable Remesher
  • Real-time Physically-based Renderer
  • Automatic PBR Material from a Single Photo
  • Incremental Potential Contact Physics
  • Render to Vector Graphics

Check out Technical Papers Preview for SIGGRAPH 2020.

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